Career Opportunities

At Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company, we pride ourselves on hiring the  best people to work at the best company in North Carolina.  In addition to being close to the Atlantic Ocean, our climate of mild winters and sunny summers is another plus. And there’s more, much more in fact.

Current Job Opportunities

Senior Underwriter - Goldsboro, NC

Senior Underwriter - Scottsdale, AZ

Associate Underwriter - Garage, Scottsdale, AZ

Associate Underwriter - Property, Goldsboro, NC

Senior Claims Adjuster - Property - Goldsboro, NC, Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA

Senior General Liability Adjuster - Richmond, VA, Hartford, CT, Scottsdale, AZ, Charlotte, NC, Goldsboro, NC

Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.